• EAL student projects – results

    The reports written by the 6 students groups from EAL is finished. The groups has been working on 6 clinical challenges at OUH:
    Gynaecological cancer, Obesity in pregnancy, Pregnant smokers, Rehab for spinal joints, Rehab for heart patients, Hospital chat

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  • TTT – The Toilet Traveller

    As we are based in the UKSH’s Urology department we are in frequent contact with patients suffering from an overactive bladder. In everyday life one of their major concerns is finding a restroom or toilet. This is especially difficult when they are on business trips or on holidays in cities they don’t know.

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  • FH Kiel students present their concepts

    At the concluding event of media design, students presented their ideas about health and fitness. There were many different approaches, such as apps for nutrition advice, guidance for Kinesio Taping or a help app for quick emergency.

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  • Solution 3: Stop smoking application

    The mobile application is developed for women who are smoking during the pregnancy. Our concept is to help them to pay attention to the baby´s health and motivate them in a positive, friendly way. The goal is to show the mothers that they are not alone with this problem and in the same time to inform them how smoking effects their baby development.

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  • Student Project - Mammary Carsinoma App

    App to help breast cancer patients self-monitor post treatment. Student project from Kiel University of Applied Sciences.

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  • Stop smoking app (group 2) is presented by EAL students

  • Stop smoking app from EAL students is presented

  • Rehabilitation for spinal joints - students from EAL

  • The GC rehabilitation app is presented by EAL

  • EAL students are presenting their "youth chat" and James is writing in the chat that they have 2 minutes left - hurry up!

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