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Challenge 1 – Developing application for existing website

The website is created for patients who are undergoing medical examinations for gynaecological cancer and fast-track treatment. Gynaecologic cancer is a group of cancers that affects women. The diseases are among the most common types of cancers for females inDenmark. Gynaecological cancer is characterised by weak symptoms, which results in a low grade of suspicion, by the patients.

Each year, around 1,100 women in Denmark, suffer from either ovarian or uterus cancer (2 most common cancer types in the gynaecologic cancer group).  The women are often between 30 and 80 years old and resident in the Region of Southern Denmark. Cancer plans and package pathways, intend a quick medical examinations and treatment on suspicion of cancer. This means that patients in this context receive much information from healthcare professionals, often by telephone.

The purpose with the website is to support the patients, so they better navigate through the system.
Therefore, we have developed a website where:

– We have information for both patients and caregivers
– We have both technical information and information about how others patients have experienced to get a cancer.
– We have description of the treatment structure which is specific for the gynaecological patients at the University Hospital
– There are links to support group for the relatives, which also include teenagers
– We have all relevant brochures
– We refer to credible websites
– We have only relevant information
– We refer to small videos, as visual describes how an exact examination is going on

The visitors on website can see pictures from the gynaecological department and recognize any of it when they arrive.
Our experience is that older patients often seek help from their adult children, whom then seeks information on the website. Current website can be found at
(Currently the Gynaecological Department expanded, so only the old part is shown)

Kamila Adellund Holt
Cand.scient.san. PhD –student.