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mHEALTH Conference

Challenge 3: Stop smoking application


Help for pregnant women to stop smoking!

For the fetus the smoking of cigarettes by the mother is very harmful. It is not only the growth and the strength of the baby that is affected. The risk of preterm birth and complications in delivery is also increased if the mother is a smoker. That affects the overall risk for the baby for healthy start of life.
The fetus has no choice, but the mother has.

In Denmark the support to pregnant women who wants to stop smoking is very random and not consistent. The offer is a duty for the different communities. For most communities it means that there is one offer to support all smokers, nothing directly for pregnant women. And for many pregnant women smoking is shameful. Attending a course for all kinds of smokers is not an offer they want to make use of.

It is very important to have an offer that can assist the pregnant woman to stop her smoking.

Therefore the development of an app and/or an internet based program targeted the need for this special audience is very important. It is meant to be an addition to the direct support by midwives and doctors meeting the women during their pregnancies.

The overall target is to prevent conditions that are harmful for the fetus reducing equal opportunities for all children.

Inge Olga Ibsen
Consultant & Leader of the Family Clinic of the region of Southern Denmark