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Challenge 4: Rehab for patients with spinal joints

Training: Spinal joints

When in pain and bad periods, training must be dimmed, so you do not get pain by training. Do not go all the way to outer position. Contact your doctor to optimize the medical treatment. Talk to your doctor if you would benefit from treatment with a physiotherapist.
Subsequently, it is important to regain lost movement, strength and conditioning.

Rheumatic disease is lifelong, regular exercise and training is important to avoid
– Cardiovascular disease.

– Curvature and the rigidity of the spine.

Exercise / sports

– Be physically active at least 2 times a week, where you train at least 20 minutes and break a sweat

– Try to be active the other days as well. Activity must be with moderate to high intensity and of a total of 30 minutes

– Choose activities that increase endurance, muscle strength and movement

– Training sessions can provide extra motivation


– Perform the following exercises 3 times a week

– Preferably perform exercises when you are well
  – Preferably immediately after work out

– Perform the exercises at a steady pace.

– Get all the way to outer position.

You must train and perform sports, as long as you don’t feel pain. It is okay if the training causes soreness.

When patients are in a rehabilitation program, they receive different exercise sheets. These are often lost or can be a bit “dull” for the motivation. Therefore the rehabilitation department requests an app solution.

All exercise sheets can be found here:

Peter Dirch Jørgensen
Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Department