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Challenge 5: Rehab for heart patients


Cardiac training classes at Odense University Hospital are for patients who have been admitted at the cardiac medical ward or thoracic surgery department, if rehabilitation is prescribed by a doctor.

The patients vary widely in age and activity level. The physiotherapists run a general training with focus on advice, guidance, cardiovascular training, balance training and dynamic strength training. In the training it is possible to adjust the training to the individual patient.

The aim is that the patient achieves a better functioning. That the patient achieves a heart rate of 65-80% of max heart rate, corresponding to an intensity where the patient is breathless. In addition, it is important that the patient is experiencing well-being and have the opportunity to test his physical abilities.

The Patient participates at Odense University Hospital’s cardiac class 1 hour 3 times a week for 6 weeks. Then he can continue training for 6 weeks in the municipality. Then it is up to the patient to find the training / type of activity that motivates him.

At the second and final training the patient is tested in a cycling test (Borg 15). The purpose of this is to find the training level, the patient must work at to get the maximum benefit, but also to document the effect of the training.

Trine Bassett
Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Department