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MyChild – Child Development App

For most new parents the experience of raising a child can be quite overwhelming and they are constantly unsure about any- and everything concerning their progeny. Sometimes it’s right to worry, other times they worry for nothing. And still other times mother and fathers have no clue that something is going wrong and they should act quickly.

Respective questions are aplenty and ubiquitous. My daughter isn’t talking yet. Is that normal? My son isn’t walking yet. Should I be concerned? Our child weighs 24 pounds. Is that too little? Is it too much? She can’t figure out that the round thing doesn’t fit into the triangular form. Is her mental development challenged? He constantly bumps into things. Should we worry? The little one is now 6 months old. Which checkups does she need? Does she need any inoculations? Should I stop breastfeeding now?

These and many more questions have parents worried and feeling concerned 24/7 and they always fear that they might have forgotten, overlooked or ignored some important aspect. The MyChild Child Development App could act as a Counselor and Memory bank for these concerns. It would regularly ask parents to enter current information about their child like height, weight, cognitive and physical development and abilities, as well as remind them about necessary check-ups and inoculations.The app would then correlate the data entered. If discrepancies were found between the way the child developed and the development considered normal for a child that age, the App would inform the parents and remind them to seek out a specialized doctor who could then decide if corrective actions need to be taken.

This app would take a huge burden off parents’ shoulders, as they could finally stop worrying whether their child was developing normally. It could also help parents and doctors alike, as it would concentrate all relevant information on the child in one place that is easily accessible and always available: a normal smartphone.