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In APPlied Health we have 4 partners; Odense University Hospital, University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein: Campus Kiel, Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt and Fachhochschule Kiel. Within these 4 institutions various people are connected to the project as well as running it.

From “outside” the project different companies (Advisory Board) have interest in the projects development as well as results.


WOERK™ ApS is an innovative and highly specialised app company located in the centre of . Since 2009 we have designed, developed and implemented concepts and solutions for mobile applications in collaboration with and for some of ’s most proactive companies and institutions. For example, together with the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), we developed the country’s most widely used meteorological app, Byvejret, which has now been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times from AppStore. We offer full-service solutions, from preliminary analysis to technical review of the setup, design, programming, user testing, launch and continuous evaluation. As a team of experienced and innovative iOS, Android and Windows developers, graphic designers and concept developers, we perform all tasks in-house, which ensures optimal communication and the best solutions.OdenseDenmark

Syddansk Sundhedsinnovation

Syddansk Sundhedsinnovation is the gateway to the Region of Southern Denmark’s activities in the fields of innovation, welfare technology, telemedicine and public-private partnerships.

Syddansk Sundhedsinnovation works with user-driven innovations and develops and tests new ways to streamline workflows and build hospitals. In addition, Syddansk Sundhedsinnovation develops, disseminates and advises on telemedicine solutions.

Syddansk Sundhedsinnovation also documents national experiences of public-private innovation and is home to LivingLab Denmark’s Secretariat.

Through collaboration, Syddansk Sundhedsinnovation creates products and services that are used in the region’s hospitals and social institutions and that help create jobs in the region.

Contact us for help and dialogue relating to:

  • new solutions for health innovation
  • implementation of telemedicine solutions
  • ideas for new ways of organising hospitals
  • more information about public-private innovation

Mikro Værkstedet A/S

Mikro Værkstedet is an IT publishing house in Odense that develops and sells e-learning and communication solutions. We are part of the MV Nordic group and have branches in Sweden and Norway.

Communication and learning are the cornerstones of Mikro Værkstedet’s activities and product range. This has resulted in a wide variety of:

  • Educational programs
  • Communication tools (e.g. writing-support programs)
  • Administration tools
  • Learning products and licences


The Central Jutland Region has enormous potential for the commercialisation of biotech and medtech projects and companies in the health sector, but for years has lacked the business expertise to reap the full benefits of this potential. This is the background for the establishment of the MedTech Innovation Centre.

The idea for the MTIC emerged in 2007 in the BioMedNet network, an association of biotech and medtech companies in the Central Jutland Region. All the association’s companies desire increased focus on commercialisation and implementation of ideas, inventions and research results, and therefore took the initiative to apply for funding to establish the MTIC.


MediTeam bridges the gap between research and the commercial sector for the entire Life Science area.

We have assisted a large number of researchers, companies and Tech Trans offices shorten the time from research to market and look forward to work with you too. Read more about the various services in the left menu.

We have close co-operations with specialists in all fields of research and are therefore able to put together the ideal team for each assignment.

MediTeam is owned by Ann Louring Roldan and Karen Winsløw.


Idéklinikken is an innovation unit under the North Jutland Region that specialises in innovation within the health sector.

Idéklinikken systematically collects ideas within the research, clinical and operational environments of the region’s hospitals and psychiatric and specialised social sectors. The ideas are then screened based on commercial parameters. Depending on the assessment, the idea is developed with its practical use in mind, resulting in, for example, a licensing agreement, a sale to an industrial partner, or the establishment of start-up company.

Ideas are developed in collaboration with various business partners. Idéklinikken works with a wide network of companies, business promoters and investors at regional, national and international levels, as well as with relevant research institutions in Denmark and abroad.



AppFactory is a consultancy and development company with strong business acumen and valuable ideas on how organisational and company processes can be enhanced using apps. We have worked in this field since the first app store opened and have supplied more than 50 app solutions. We’re passionate about developing ideas and making apps.


10:30 develops visual communication products for print and digital media for private companies and public institutions. The company develops concepts and software in areas such as health games and welfare technology. Since 2005 10:30 has developed and is continuing to develop an internet-based preparation program for children in interdisciplinary collaboration with the HC Andersen Children’s Hospital and other departments at Odense University Hospital. The digital concept is enhanced with physical products and décor that support the concept in the physical space. The preparation program will be upgraded to smartphones and tablets over the next few years.

The “Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH)” is one of the largest medical centers of Europe, offering the complete spectrum of modern medicine as a maximum provider. 2000 doctors and scientists in 80 clinics and institutes treat over 360,000 patients every year. Clinical practice closely cooperates with interdisciplinary research on the most advanced level. For example, the excellence center for inflammation medicine operates as an integral part of the international research cluster for “Inflammation at Surfaces.

OUH is a local hospital for Funen’s residents and a regional hospital for residents in the rest of the Region of Southern Denmark. In the case of some care pathways, OUH also serves as a hospital for patients coming from the rest of Denmark and even abroad.


Thousands of patients are treated every day, and it is OUH’s express ambition to ensure that every patient receives highly qualified treatment and that they also feel well treated in terms of nursing and care.

At the same time, research, development and education are inseparable aspects of OUH’s spheres of responsibility as a university hospital. In these areas, the hospital works closely with the University of Southern Denmark, which is also based in Odense, the third largest city in Denmark.

In the view of OUH, the hospitals have an obvious obligation to contribute to influencing the future in terms of healthcare offered regionally, nationally and internationally. OUH does this by educating new skilled employees: OUH is one of the region’s largest education and training venues.

The “Fachhochschule Kiel, University of Applied Sciences (FH Kiel)” is the largest technical college in Schleswig-Holstein. Almost 500 professors and instructors teach over 6,000 students in six subjects: the media, information technology and electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, social studies, agronomy and economy. These studies have a clear international orientation. The FH has partnerships with universities and colleges in over 30 countries, among others for example in theUSA,Canada,Australia,New Zealand,China,Singapore,Mexico, and 20 countries inEurope. Its agreements on the mutual recognition of diplomas make for successful student exchange programs.

Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt is the greatest business academy in the Region of Southern Denmark, with coverage in the “Triangle area” and Funen. It has a wide range of business academy programs and professional bachelor’s degree for students who will follow a full-time education.

Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt also offers academic and diploma educations for those who are in work and in need of continuing education. We have programs in all areas of the Danish industry: IT, engineering, economics, trade, nutrition, service etc.

Jesper Lakman

Project Manager

Odense University Hospital
Department for operation optimization and IT, Lean & Innovation

Felix Prell

M.Sc. - Project Coordinator

University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Kiel
Clinic for Urology and Pediatric Urology

Almut Kalz

Assistance in project coordination and implementation

University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Kiel
Clinic for Urology and Pediatric Urology

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