OUH is a local hospital for Funen’s residents and a regional hospital for residents in the rest of the Region of Southern Denmark. In the case of some care pathways, OUH also serves as a hospital for patients coming from the rest of Denmark and even abroad.   Thousands of patients are treated every day, and it is OUH’s express ambition to ensure that every patient receives highly qualified treatment and that they also feel well treated in terms of nursing and care. At the same time, research, development and education are inseparable aspects of OUH’s spheres of responsibility as a university hospital. In these areas, the hospital works closely with the University of Southern Denmark, which is also based in Odense, the third largest city in Denmark. In the view of OUH, the hospitals have an obvious obligation to contribute to influencing the future in terms of healthcare offered regionally, nationally and internationally. OUH does this by educating new skilled employees: OUH is one of the region’s largest education and training venues.