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mHEALTH Conference

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mHEALTH Conference – presentations

Thank you for participating at our mHealth conference in Kiel (21 November 2013).

For those of you who could not participate or for those who wants to see the presentations again you can find them here

18. December

mHEALTH Conference

Join our mHealth Conference in Kiel on November 21st. See the programme here. There will be talks about innovation and case studies as well as prototype presentations. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

1. November

MyChild – Child Development App

For most new parents the experience of raising a child can be quite overwhelming and they are constantly unsure about any- and everything concerning their progeny. Sometimes it’s right to worry, other times they worry for nothing.

2. March

TTT – The Toilet Traveller

As we are based in the UKSH’s Urology department we are in frequent contact with patients suffering from an overactive bladder. In everyday life one of their major concerns is finding a restroom or toilet.

18. February

OUH & EAL working on apps

OUH and EAL are already in the process of looking at the potential for apps in gynecology / obstetrics and rehabilitation that will provide value for patients and staff at the hospital.

7. January

Solution 5: Rehab for heart patients

For the project, we are developing a prototype Tamagotchi app. The heart needs exercise in order to be
healthy. The colour of the heart will change based on time. So every six hours, the heart will lose points.

7. January

Solution 3: Stop smoking application

The mobile application is developed for women who are smoking during the pregnancy. Our concept is to help them to pay attention to the baby´s health and motivate them in a positive, friendly way.

7. January

Challenge 5: Rehab for heart patients

Cardiac training classes at Odense University Hospital are for patients who have been admitted at the cardiac medical ward or thoracic surgery department, if rehabilitation is prescribed by a doctor.

7. January

Challenge 4: Rehab for patients with spinal joints

When patients are in a rehabilitation program, they receive different exercise sheets. These are often lost or can be a bit “dull” for the motivation. Therefore the rehabilitation department requests an app solution.

7. January

Challenge 3: Stop smoking application

For the fetus the smoking of cigarettes by the mother is very harmful. It is not only the growth and the strength of the baby that is affected. The risk of preterm birth and complications in delivery is also increased if the mother is a smoker.

7. January

Challenge 2: Obesity in pregnancy application

Maternal obesity has become highly prevalent worldwide and is associated with adverse outcomes for mother and infants. As one of the most common risk factors, maternal obesity remains a significant obstetric challenge

7. January