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Solution 1 – Application for existing website (gynecological cancer)

We are making an app about rehabilitation to be used for the Odense University Hospitals Gynecological departments recovering cancer patients. The concept is the link that ties everything together. The mobile ap¬plication will be connected to the existing website and we will create a place where the patients feel a step closer to a normal life.

Women that have defeated gynecological cancer are free to go back to their daily lives. What challenges they should expect in the rehabilitation period and help to understand what is happening.

GC rehabilitation offers:
– Professional information from clinicians
– Reliable links to websites and books
– Contact information

GC rehabilitation helps patients:
– Keep track of doctor’s appointments
– Keep track of symptoms
– Get a better life quality
– Get knowledge about: Nutrition, Getting back to the work life, Sexual related problems, Family

Group name: ARK – Members: Alexandra Lenart( ) and Kistaraq Egede( )