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Solution 2: Obesity in pregnancy application


Our group is having a project with Odense University Hospital. The purpose of this project is to develop APP’s for use in the welfare environment. Also we had a trip to Kiel city in Germany to test our prototype application in Eye-Tracking lab.

The assignment we are working on is creating and developing an application for pregnant women who tend to put too much weight and has obesity problem.

During the research stage we find out that in Denmark obesity is really frequent among the women who are pregnant. Preventing women to not to put too much weight is necessary for them and their children. Women who have gained too much weight are in major risk of various illnesses. Being obese and pregnant can also lead you to mood swings and even depression.

We chose to create an app which could help women to track mood swings and suggest healthy life style advices depending of their feeling during that day. The idea is that women could easily track their mood changes during the time of the pregnancy. The results will be shown in clear chart and diagram where user could see daily, weekly, monthly results in curves and bars. As well we have to mention that app will have a day counter until predictable childbirth and the results will be shown in simple way where user could see her current place in the timeline.

Every time woman turns on app she has to choose her present mood in and motivation in scale for that day. If she has a lot motivation to take some healthy activity suggestions will be more concentrated to physical activity and for low motivation days there will be more simple advices which could help change habits or just offer to try something new which is valuable for body or mind e.g. yoga, deep breathing. One of the tasks for our group is to make our app as much useful as possible, that’s why we included special suggestions in order to lift women mood or just offer healthy activity. The hard part is to find best ones for women, knowing that people are totally different as their daily habits are various too. The group is still working on it.

Ability to simply just by sweeping smartphones monitor track mood daily is very valuable, it’s like a diary which can show the rises and declines of patient moods. It could be valuable for different reasons like collecting information and making a research or just showing the doctor mood swings to get some professional help. Also helping women to change their habits or to help them to cope with obesity by giving valuable suggestions is a good thing. All suggestions for pregnant women which will be given by the app are discussed with the local clinicians in order to give best help.

Rokas Liaugaudas, Linh Ha Thi Nguyen, Viktorija Dokucajeva, Viktors Leidums