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Solution 3: Stop smoking application


App description – pregnant smokers
The mobile application is developed for women who are smoking during the pregnancy. Our concept is to help them to pay attention to the baby´s health and motivate them in a positive, friendly way. The goal is to show the mothers that they are not alone with this problem and in the same time to inform them how smoking effects their baby development.

Key features of the mobile application:

‘Write what’s on your mind’ – the user can describe her experience during the pregnancy. The function of this option will be a mini diary for mothers.

‘View your baby scans’ – the baby scan will allow the users to follow their baby development day by day. The application will save the scan pictures. With pushing the ‘share’ button the mother will be able to share the picture on many community sites. The baby scan will help mothers to have a closer relation with their baby from the early stage of the pregnancy. Our goal with the baby scan to help mothers to realize that their baby is a human being.

‘Articles on the effects of smoking’ – the app will provide the users with information about how smoking influences their baby development. The goal is to show to the users the benefits of having a responsible lifestyle during the pregnancy. 

‘Community share’ – the user will be able to share her experience with others who are in the same situation. The app will allow the mothers to use a nickname at the community share in case if they would like to be unknown.

Timea Kovacs, Ioan-Bogdan Ciocsan, Ieva Rudzite