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Solution 5: Rehab for heart patients

Heart Shift – The Tamagotchi Heart

After a heart surgery or heart attack a patient will (1 hour, 3 times a week for 6 weeks = 18 hours of sports activities) participate in the heart team at our local hospital. Afterwards the patient may continue his or hers training, at home after he leaves the hospital (This means the municipality has a program for people who might need training, and there can be a lot of different reasons for the individual person attending the program) for 6 weeks. Afterwards it is up to the patient to decide which training/activity that suits and motivates them individually. But they forgot to do exercises or they refuse to do them at home. So that’s the reason we came with this idea, to try and motivate the people who are leaving the hospital to continue doing movement by themselves. Its local project and our target group are situating at the moment only in Odense, Denmark.

The patient has to come at the hospital monthly after a heart surgery, so we are thinking that using the app he can track his progress and show it to the medics that he has done sports.

For the project, we are developing a prototype Tamagotchi app. The heart needs exercise in order to be healthy. The colour of the heart will change based on time. So every six hours, the heart will lose points. The more points he loses, the unhealthier it gets. You can feed the heart by exercising. You can select an activity (e.g. running or walking) based on GPS or manual entry. This means you can track your activity or you can manually enter what activity you did in the past.

Heart fully healthy = 1000 points – starting point
Every day the heart loses = 150 points

It would be great if the heart loses points during the day (Progressively).

Exercise points are based on time. You need at least 10 minutes exercise in order to get points.

10 min exercise = 50 points
20 min exercise = 100 points
30 min exercise = 150 points
40 min exercise = 200 points
50 min exercise = 250 points
1 hour exercise = 300 points

Every ten minutes after 1 hour = 50 points.

Tamagotchi Heart
We are currently developing a new heart with a concept artist that looks much more appealing and friendly and it would be positioned in the centre, it should cover all the negative space. The heart will change colour if you do or not exercises. You can select Exercises, Achievements, Calendar or Settings. For the prototype only the Exercises function has to work. When pressing on the exercise button a waterfall menu will appear. Every step brings you to the next menu option.

Waterfall – Choose activity
Here you can select different exercises, you can scroll from left to right. Options: run, walking, cycling, skating, swimming.

Waterfall Tracking Bar
You can track your activity using GPS or Manual input. An activity tracked by GPS can give you double points than a Manual one.

Scenario 1:
I want to cycle to school and doing that I would like to earn some points to make my heart healthy.  So I will chose Cycling -> Auto (means I don’t know how much minutes I will do) – Tracked by GPS – Do not want to invite Friends

Scenario 2:
I should go for a 50 minutes swim today, my doctor recommend me that. (Once he finishes the 50 minute swimming activity he will get a buzz notification on the phone)
So I will chose Swimming – Insert 50 minutes – I cant track by GPS so manual – Do not want to invite friends.

Waterfall – Invite Friends

Invite friends does not have to work -> you can close the tab.
When you press Start, you will go to the tracking page.

Concept (not in this prototype):
Doing activities with friends can give more rewards and achievements. We were thinking to use the GPS to find app users around your area and you can send them invitation for a run at 5 pm in the park. Once you finish an activity with a friend you can get decor items for your heart: like armour, creating a digital futuristic heart. Can be done only when you pair your Tamagotchi heart with friends or users of the same app.

CANCEL ( top bar) – get a notification if the user wants to cancel the operation – close all the waterfall buttons and send the user to the normal screen with the heart

GPS tracking page

The activity will start. The amount of points you earn depends on time.
We want to  have a screen where we are going to add some graphics and maybe an animation of a pumping pixelated heart. Underneath will be a point tracking and next to it a PAUSE / PLAY activity. In case you want to pause to have a drink or any reason.

Then we will have the tracking status:
– GPS position on top (if there is manual empty space)
– Activity timer
– Distance if there is a GPS tracked activity / empty if there is a manual one
– AVG. SPEED of there is a GPS tracked activity / empty if there is a manual one

When you press finish run, the amount of points you earned will be added to the Tamagotchi Heart and an animation should be displayed in the top screen. And the heart changes colour accordingly.

If you press CANCEL you will get a notification – if you want to cancel all and get back to the home page of the app. We want finish and cancel button to be big, so the user will have no problems in notice them.

CONCEPT (it doesn’t have to be in the prototype at the moment):
We were thinking that you can switch that screen, that’s the reason the arrows are on the edges: you can switch to music playlist, achievements, set goals etc.

Jean Octavian Popescu,Thijs van de Wouw

Should be in the app but there are not supposed to work

Should be in the app but there are not supposed to work