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TTT – The Toilet Traveller

As we are based in the UKSH’s Urology department we are in frequent contact with patients suffering from an overactive bladder. In everyday life one of their major concerns is finding a restroom or toilet. This is especially difficult when they are on business trips or on holidays in cities they don’t know. A ‘Toilet Guide’ app installed on their smartphones would be the ideal way to inform these patients about the nearest public restroom, maybe also of shops that allow their restrooms to be used by such patients, as could be advertised by special signs. As most modern smartphones include a GPS device, patients could actually be guided to nearby public conveniences. Building a prototype of this app we would start with one or two cities like Kiel and Odense. Once the prototype works, it would be easy to include more and more cities.

The Toilet Guide App could also be a community project, meaning that people using the app would be able to enter coordinates of public restrooms. Also, some sort of rating system could make the app even more attractive. This would allow users to rate the individual facilities on certain criteria like cleanliness and handicap-accessibility, e.g. on a one to three stars scale.